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The SAP Time Management module is one of the main sub modules which manages all Human Resources time management processes that involves the time recording, absence & attendance calculation, time valuation of employees works etc.

Types of Time Management

Two types of Time Management are

1.Positive Time Management

2.Negative Time Management

There are 2 method of time recording are available

1.Positive time recording : Actual times are recorded.

This method completely records all actual times, i.e. all transactions such as actual working times, absences, etc.

2.Negative time recording : Only deviations from a work schedule are recorded.

Time Management data includes:

Ø  Daily working hours of employees

Ø  Absences (Casual leave, annual leave, Maternity leave, etc.)

Ø  Time-related payments (overtime, meal allowances, shift allowances, etc.)

Ø  Absence quotas (accumulations, deductions, and corrections)

Ø  Absence quota compensation for unused absence quota balances

Time Types

Time data (attendances or absences) is stored using time types.Time types are stored in HR Master Data

For example :Time-related Payments = Time type 2000 to 2499, Absences = Time type 2500 to 2999

Methods to Record Time Data

You can use a variety of systems and methods to record employee times in SAP  R/3 Time Management. Following are few commonly used methods

Ø  Time recording systems-Swipe in & swipe out system

Ø  Online time recording systems by time administrators

Ø  Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)

Ø  Employee Self-Service (ESS) or Manager Self-Service (MSS)

Ø  Touch screen systems

Ø  Third party system/No Sap (Legacy) systems through a interface to the R/3 System

Ø  Online time recording systems by employees

Infotypes in Time Management

Important  Infotypes in Time Management.

0007 - Planned Working Time

2001 - Absence - You record a variety of absences in this infotype

0082 - Additional Absense Data

2002 - Attendance - You record a variety of attendances in this infotype

2003 - Substitution

2004 - Availability

2005 - Overtime

2006 - Absence Quota

0005 - Leave Entitlement (Now Obsolete)

2007 - Attendance Quota

2010 - Employee Remuneration Info

2011 - Time Events

2012 - Time Transfer Specification

2013 - Quota Corrections

0416 - Time Quota Compensation

0050 - Time Recording Info

0315 - Time Sheet Defaults

0672 - FMLA Event

2050 - Annual Calendar

2051 - Monthly Calendar

Transactions T Codes  in  Time Management

PT50 - Quota Overview

PT40 - Time Management Pool

PA61/PA51 -Maintain/display time data

PA62 -Maintain additional time data

PT69 -For multiple persons and infotypes

PA70- Fast entry of master data

PA71 -Fast entry of time data)

PT 60 - Time Evaluation Driver

PE01 - Personnel calculation schemas

PE02 - Personnel calculation rules

PE03 - Features

PE04 - Functions and operations

PT80 - Sub-system Connection

SCAL - Create \ View Public Holiday & Public Holiday Calendar

PT01 - Generate Work Schedule

PT02 - Change Work Schedule

PT03 - Display Work Schedule

SAP HR Time Management Reports

General Reports

RPTIME00 - Time evaluation driver

RPTIME01 - Time evaluation driver for concurrent employment

RPTEDT00 - Time statement form to present time accounts and time wage types

Work Schedule

RPTPSH10   -  Personal Work Schedules

RPTDSH20  - Daily Work Schedules 


RPTABS20   -  Attendance/Absence Data: Overview

RPTABS50   -  Attendance/Absence Data: Calendar View  

RPTABS60   -  Attendance/Absence Data: Multiple Employee View  

RPTEAB00   -  Attendance Check  

RPTLEA40   -  Attendances/Absences Overview Graphic  


RPTABS20   - Attendance/Absence Data: Overview

RPTABS50   -  Attendance/Absence Data: Calendar View  

RPTABS60   -  Attendance/Absence Data: Multiple Employee View   

RPTLEA40   -  Attendances/Absences Overview Graphic

Time Accounts

RPTBAL00    -  Cumulated Time Evaluation Results: Time Balances and Time Wage Types

RPTDOW00  -  Time Accounts 

RPTQTA10    -  Displaying Absence Quota Information 

RPTERL00    -  Displaying Time Evaluation Messages 

RPTCMP00   -  Time Leveling  

RPTEDT00    -  The Time Statement

Display cluster information

RPCLSTPC        - Display personnel. Calendar

RPCLSTB1        - Temporary time evaluation results

RPCLSTB2        - Time evaluation results

SAP HR Time Management Tutorials/Documents 

1.Sap Hr Time Management Configuration Guide-Negative Time Management (More Details)
2.SAP Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS) (More Details)
3.Time Management Status (TMSTA) (More Details)
4.How to delete old CATS entries in SAP? (More Details)
5.Schemas in SAP  Time Management (More Details)