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What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business integrate software that allows an organization to integrates multiple applications/functions such as Human resourses, Finance,operation, manufacturing, sales, production, Supply chain Management, and marketing.

What is SAP?

SAP is one of the top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the world.

 SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.

What are the different software packets available in market?

Few of the top /old ERPS’s are Baan,JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from Oracle,Maximo from IBM,Microsoft Dynamics,PeopleSoft from Oracle,mySAP from SAP,Ramco ERP from Ramco Systems.

What are the different modules of SAP?

SAP Modules are classified into 4 types

  1. SAP Functional Modules
  2. SAP Technical Modules
  3. SAP New Dimensional Modules /SAP New Modules
  4. SAP IS - Industries specific modules.

What is the full form of SPRO? 

SPRO stands for SAP Project Reference Object 

What are the different type of projects?

There are 7 types of SAP HR projects

1. SAP Implementation Project.

2. SAP Support Project.

3. SAP Roll-Out Project.

4. SAP Enhancement Project.

5. SAP Upgradation Project.

6. SAP Migration Project.

7.SAP Acquisition/Merger Project. 

What is Roles And Responsibilities Of Sap Hr Consultants?

1)Legacy Process Understanding.

 Functional consultant is likely to get knowledge about the current business process in the company, design of  current business flows. Prepare AS IS document & To-Be document.

2)Identifying the Gaps and Solution Design

GAP analysis & Solution Design

3) Requirement Gathering

4) Business blue print Preparation

5)Writing functional specifications

6)Configuration & customisation

7) Testing

Prepare test scripts for testing & test. Type of  testing are Unit Testing, regression testing, integration testing, Product Integration Testing etc.

8) End user manual preparation and End user training

9)Go live cut over activities

10)Post Go live Support

What is ASAP methodology?

ASAP is SAP’s standard implementation methodology.

Phases in SAP Implementation Methodology

    Phase 1: Project Planning

    Phase 2: Blueprinting

    Phase 3: Realization

    Phase 4: Final Preparation

    Phase 5: Go Live

What are the Importance of Infotypes in SAP Hr

Infotypes are used  to store all relevant Hr data of employees in an organization.

It is represented by a  ‘4’ digit number.Eg:0000,2001,1002 etc.

Infotype is a collection of logical or business related characteristics of an object. Infotypes are also called information types to enter rational related information for an employee

For eg  Personnel data (0002) infotype  have fields like title,first name, middle , last name,birth date, language etc

Infotype Periods:
Every infotypes has a specific validity dates (start and end dates) .The validity period allows to maintain an employee’s data history.While updating an employee’s data, the earlier data is automatically delimited.
Infotype Sub types:
Some infotypes are  again separated in different groups having same nature.
For eg : Sub types of infotype address(0006) are
3-Home address
5-Mailing address  etc.
There are two types of fields  in an infotype .They are mandatory fields  & optional fields.

A. Interview Questions in Personnel Administration

What are the Important infotypes in SAP Personnel Administration?

Important Personnel Administration Infotypes are

0000     Actions
0001     Organizational Assignment
0002     Personal Data
0003     Payroll Status
0005     Leave Entitlement
0006     Addresses
0007     Planned Working Time
0008     Basic Pay
0009     Bank Details
0007     Planned Working Time
0008     Basic Pay
0009     Bank Details0014     Recur. Payments/Deds.
0015     Additional Payments

What is Dynamic Action?

Dynamic Action feature is make available in SAP HR to  perform automatically by the system based on certain conditions.

What are the Important T Codes in SAP Personnel Administration?

PA10 - Personnel file

PA20 - Display HR Master Data

PA30 - Maintain HR Master Data

PA40 - Personnel Action

PA41 - Change Hiring Data

PA42 - Fast Data Entry for Events

PRMD - Maintain HR Master Data

How to delete Personnel records/HR Records ?
Use transaction code  PU00 to delete records.
RPUDELPN is report/program to delete the personnel numbers in bulk.All infotypes can be deleted  of a personnel number.

How to lock the personnel number for generating payroll?

By checking check box “personal number locked “in info type IT0003.

What is Concurrent employment ?

Concurrent employment allows one Person to hold more than one position in under a single company code.

Conditions for Concurrent Employment are (i)An person has several personnel assignments with the same organizational unit at the same time (ii) employee’s data is managed in the same SAP R/3 system for all personnel assignments.

Example :

Kimberly Mathew is a “Consultant” holds to two positions (i) SAP HR consultant & (ii) SAP FICO consultant at the same time under same organizational unit “SAP consulting –North America”.He works Mon-Fri ,9.00-13.00hrs as a SAP HR consultant & Mon-Fri ,14.00-17.30 hrs as a SAP FICO consultant.

Which is the  transaction to create Custom Infotype?

PM01 is the transaction to create Custom Infotype

B.Interview Questions in Time Management

What are the different type of Wage Types? What are the characteristics of wages?

Types of wage types

1) Primary wage type

2) Secondary/Technical wage type

3)Customer specific wage type

Wage type characteristics:

1) Amount

2) Number

3) Rate  

What is time management status ?

Time Management status is the link between time management and payroll .The feature for  time management status is  TMSTA.

Time Management status  field is available in infotype 0007 .

Values for the Time Management status are

      0 - No time evaluation

      1 - Time evaluation of actual times

      2 - PDC time evaluation

      7 - Time evaluation without payroll integration

      8 - External services

      9 - Time evaluation of planned times

Structures in SAP Human Resources/HCM

There are three types of Human Resource structure

1.Enterprise Structure

2.Personnel Structure

3.Organizational Structure

Integration between  Personnel Administration &  OM

Integration between PA and OM  is required to get default for job,position,org unit cost center etc in IT0001. Position is the integration between OM & PA.

Configuration Step:

IMG--> PA--> OM--> Basic settings --> integration-->set up integration with PA

Table for OM - PA integration is T77S0

In the above table set the integration switch PLOGI ORGA to X

If this is set to "X" - the integration is turned "on"

If this is a blank  - the integration is turned "off".

Reports in PA & OM Integration/Integration tools

1.RHINTE00 - To transfer data from PA to OM

2.RHINTE10 - To transfer OM data to PA tables

3.RHINTE20  - To determine whether the data relevant for integration is available in both PA and OM

4.RHINTE30 -To update IT0001 (org assignment) 

C.Interview Questions in  Travel Management

What are important infotypes in Travel Management

Mandatory Infotypes
Infotype   Infotype Name
0001          Organizational assignment
0002         Personal data
0017           Travel Privileges
0006         Addresses

Optional Infotypes
Infotype    Infotype Name
0009          Bank details
0027           Cost Distribution
0471            Flight preference
0472           Hotel preference
0473           Car rental preference
0475           Customer program
0470           Travel profile
0105            Communication
0208           Work Tax area
0315            Time Sheet Defaults

Travel Management Process Flow

     1. Travel Request

       Business needs to a trip for meeting/discussion/presentation/auditing etc.Raise a travel request   ,

       which requires approval by manager. The manager can approve the request, send it back for

       corrections or  reject it.

     2. Travel Planning

       After a travel request has been approved by manager, the traveler decide on flight ,car, hotel etc .

     3. Book a trip

       Create a trip using PR05 transaction from SAP or any other mobile applications  or desktop


     4. Travel  Settlement

         The system settles the trips.

     5. Travel Expenses

     After the trip is over, the traveler completes  and submit all necessary data and documents such as

     trip receipts for accommodation, meals, air fare

     Approve & release for settlement

     Reimbursement of trips by check, bank transfer, payroll processing .

Integration between  Personnel Administration &  PD(Personnel Planning and Development)

Integration between PA and PD is set by turn on switch the  PLOGI ORGA with an X  in T77S0 table.

Report RHINTE10 set up  PA & PD integration . This program allows you to create object types in Personnel Administration which have already set up in Personnel Planning and Development.

Integration between  Personnel Administration &  Time Management

Infotype 0007 (Planned working time) is the integration between PA & Time Management. For PA & Time integration we need to maintain Infotype 0007.

This integration is also based on PA and PSA grouping and EG and ESG grouping.

Integration between  Personnel Administration &  Payroll

Integration between PA & Payroll through below info types.

  • Recurring Payments/Deductions (0014)
  • Additional Payments (0015)
  • Cost Distribution (0027)
  • Organizational Assignment (0001)
Integration between Personnel Administration &  Recruitment

Integration between Personnel Administration & Recruitment can set up using the following two features


  1. Transfer employee data to the applicant database(feature PRELR)
  2. Transfer applicant data to the employee database((feature PAPLI and feature PRELI)

D.Interview Questions in Organizational Management  

What are plan versions used for?

Plan versions are  used in OM to create  scenarios in which you can create organizational plans. The current plan version should be "01", as set in PLOGI PLOGI. 

2. What are the basic object types?

The five basic building block object types in OM are SPOCK.

  • S - Position
  • P - Person
  • O - Organization Unit
  • C - Job
  • K - Cost Centre

What is the difference between a job and a position?

Ans. Job is not concrete, it is is generic.(Eg: Manager, Assistant Manager,Consultant).

Positions are related to persons .Position is concrete and specific which are occupied by Persons. (Eg: Manager –Finance , Consultant – SAP HR).

What are the different methods  to customize Organizational structure of an organization?

Three methods  to customize Organizational structure of an organization.  

1.Simple Maintenance

SAP Easy Access -> SAP Menu -> Organizational Management-> Expert Mode -> Simple      Maintenance -> PPOC_OLD C reate

2.Expert Mode  / Detailed Maintenance

3. Organization and Staffing

SAP Easy Access > SAP Menu > Organizational Management> Organizational Plan > 

Organization   and staffing > PPOCE 

Which infotype  maintain relationships between objects?

Infotype 1001 defines the relationships between different OM objects.

What is an evaluation path?

An evaluation path describes a chain of relationships that exists between individual organizational objects in the organizational plan.

You can maintain evaluation paths on img -> Personnel Management ->Organisation Management-> Basic Settings-> Maintain Evaluation Paths .

Integration between Organizational Management and Recruitment

This integration allows to manage company vacancies & positions.

Integration to Recruitment is switched through table T775S0


PLOGI PRELI   99999999

PPVAC             PPVAC             1

Integration between Recruitment and Personnel Development

This integration manage qualifications in recruitment

The integration to Personnel Administration is switched in T775S0 table

PLOGI         QUALI          1 A032 Q

Integration between  Organizational Management  &  Time Management

 OM to Time management integration is take place with Shift planning and with position substitution (substitution IT 2003).

Following ere shift planning switches






What are important features in Time Management ?

E.Interview Questions in Payroll 

Which infotypes are generated automatically by system in SAP HR?

Infotype 0003 ( Payroll Status)
What are important General Payroll infotypes?

0003     Payroll Status
0008     Basic Pay
0025     Appraisals
2010     Employee Remuneration Info Infotype
0416     Time Quota Compensation Infotype
0015     Additional Payments
0057     Membership Fees
0128     Notifications Infotype
0052     Standard Wage Maintenance
0014     Recurring Payments/Deductions

What are  US Payroll Infotypes?

Besides the common infotypes these are some of the U.S pay roll specific infotypes that need  to configure in SAP US Payroll.

Infotypes  Infotype Description
0195                     Garnishment Order
0194                    Creating a Garnishment Document
0216                     Garnishment Adjustment
0161                      IRS Limits
0161                      Creating IRS Mandates for an Employee
0208                   Work Tax area
0207                   Residence Tax Area
0207                   Creating Residence Tax Area Data
0210                    W-4 Withholding Information
0234                   Creating Withholding Overrides
0234                   Withholding Overrides
0208                   Creating an Employee's Work Tax Area
0235                    Other Taxes
0209                   Unemployment State
0446 – 0457   U.S. Tax Payroll ITS
0506                   Tip Indicators
0496-0501      U.S. Benefits Payroll


What are Payroll  India specific infotypes?
Infotypes Payroll India Specific Infotypes
0580    Previous Employment Tax Details
0581    Housing(HRA / CLA / COA)
0582    Exemptions
0583    Car & Conveyance
0584    Income From Other Sources
0585    Section 80 Deductions
0586    Section 80 C Deductions
0587    Provident Fund Contribution
0588    Other Statutory Deductions
0589    Individual Reimbursements
0590    Long term reimbursements

What is payroll area and uses of payroll area?

Employees payroll area is maintained in Organization assignment infotype(0001).Payroll areas are used to group together employees for whom payroll is run at the same time. Employees from different employee subgroups can belong to the same payroll area.Payroll  Control record  should  be created for every payroll area. This control record controls the individual stages of payroll.

How to create payroll area?

IMG Path for Creation of Payroll Area:
IMG->Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Organizational Data -> Organizational Assignment->
Do below 3 steps to create a payroll area.
1.Create Payroll area (for text)
2.Create Payroll area
3.Check Default Payroll Area (To maintain feature ABKRS).

Which criteria determine payroll areas?

Payroll Area are mainly determined on

1.) Payroll cycle Eg: Monthly , Bi Monthly

2.) Payment Date

What is the feature to Default Payroll Area?
Payroll Area is used to group employees whose payroll is run with same frequency and same payment date.Employees from different employee subgroups can be  belong to the same payroll area. We can use feature ABKRS to set default payroll area value based on enterprise structure  and personnel structure.

Payroll Control Record is important for the payroll run, and which contains all the information on a payroll area.

What are main functions/status of a payroll control record?

The main functions/status of a control record are:
1)Released for  Payroll
2)Release payroll for corrections
3)Exit Payroll
4)Check Payroll Results

What are the uses of  Payroll Control Record?

Main role of Payroll Control Record are
1. To display the payroll status (released for payroll, release
for corrections, check payroll results, exit payroll).
2. To determines last payroll run period
3. To determines earliest retro accounting period.

2.What is meant by a control record in Payroll?

Transaction code to access Payroll Control Record is PA03.

SPRO path:

Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Organizational Data -> Create Control Record.

The Payroll Control Record describe the current payroll period and payroll past for retroactive accounting. Payroll Control Record locks the HR Master Data against changes during a payroll run.

What is meant by payscale structure? How did you configure payscale structure?

Payscale structure is defined by following element

Payscale area, payscale type, payscale level , payscale group, Employee sub group  grouping  for CAP.

How do we assign employees to the pay scale structure?

We assign employees to the pay scale structure in the following infotypes

Basic Pay (0008),Recurring Payments and Deductions (0014),Additional Payments (0015) and Wage Maintenance (0052).

What are the important elements in pay scale structure?

  • Pay scale type
  • Pay scale area
  • Employee subgroup grouping for collective agreement provisions
  • Pay scale group
  • Pay scale level


Difference between Off cycle payroll and retroactive account?

Any Payroll run that is carried out other than regular payroll run is called as Off-Cycle payroll run.

Examples for Off-Cycle payroll run are additional payment, bonus, advance payment.

The payroll run for a period is completed .if there is change in  HR master data for which period the payroll has already been run, the payroll must be run once again for this period using current values. This is known as retroactive accounting. Retroactive accounting is a standard procedure of SAP-HCM which provides the changes in the last period.


If  SAP HR system is live from  06.01.2008 and in 2010 the company decided  to increase the reimbursement/Salary  of employees w.e.f 01.01.2011  then the system will calculate all the arrears due to an employee from 01.01.2011.

When you perform a Off-cycle payroll?

Any Payroll run that is carried out other than regular payroll run is called as Off-Cycle payroll run.

Examples for Off-Cycle payroll run are additional payment, bonus, advance payment.

Difference between  Regular payroll and Off Cycle payroll?

Regular payroll runs only at  fixed payroll date. for example 30 th of every month.

For Off cycle  payroll there is no  fixed payroll date. For example bonus payment for  certain employees on 10 th of a month.

What are the advantages of off cycle payroll run?

1.Correction Payroll -Off-Cycle payroll run allows to give adjustment for all erroneous payroll
2.Bonus payment to an employee for a special occasion.
3.Carry out an immediate correction run
4.Advance Payroll Run -We can run payroll for several periods in advance. for example, an employee is leaving  the company
5.Individual Off-Cycle Payment Run

6.Mass Off-Cycle Payment Run

How does the system know when to trigger retroactive accounting for a particular employee?

When there are some HR master data change related to payroll past

What is Matchcode W used for?

Matchcode W is a list of all those personnel numbers for a selected payroll accounting area and its payroll period which were rejected during payroll accounting because of incorrect data, and therefore could not be included in a payroll run.

What steps are required to post payroll results to Accounting?

Posting to Accounting includes the evaluation of the payroll results, the creation of summarized documents and posting them in the Accounting components.

When posting to Accounting, you carry out the following activities:

Simulating a Posting Run

Creating A Posting Run

Checking a Posting Run

Checking the Posting Documents

Releasing Posting Documents

Posting Posting Documents

Checking Accounting Documents

Checking the Completeness of the Postings

Where do you specify whether an employee is paid in cash or whether the money is transferred to a bank account?

IT 0009

How Time management and payroll is is integrated?

Time management and Payroll are integrated through the info type 0007. Time data (employee working hours) is  collected from It 0007 and these hours are taken in basic as Number of hours worked .

What is the connection between Planned Working Time (IT7) and Basic Pay (IT 8)?

 The system takes  Employment Percentage and Average working hours from IT 0007 are defaulted into Capacity Utilization level and Working hours per period in IT 0008. Capacity utilization  level and  Work hours/period fields  in Basic pay infotype   are brought to IT0008 from IT0007.

Integration between time and  payroll is done here.


How do you run payroll?
There are the steps to run the pay roll
a) Simultaion
b) Release Pay roll

c) Start pay roll
d) Check the pay roll
e) Correction and Exit the pay roll

How do your correct payroll?
We can correct payroll using transaction PC00_M99_PA03_CORR.

How to Check Payroll Results

We can use the transaction PC_PAYRESULT  to  displays all payroll related tables in SAP (i.e., RT, RT_, CRT, BT, Versc etc.).

Steps to execute transaction PC_PAYRESULT

1. Enter transaction PC_PAYRESULT

2. Enter the Personnel number of the employees  you wish to view pay result and Enter the date you wish to view all results from

3. Press Enter

4. Click on the personnel number to see payroll results. You will get an Overview of Payroll Results section

To view the  tables double click on the Payroll results line Item

5. Double click on the payroll program table to view more details.

How to Delete Payroll Results?

We can delete payroll results in case accidentally run off cycle payment for an employee.

Using transaction PU01 we can delete the latest payroll result for an employee if  payroll has not been posted to GL account yet.

How to Delete multiple payroll results?

We can use the program  RPUDEL20 to delete multiple payroll results of many employees.

s it possible to configure a single payroll to pay an individual in multiple currencies?


Can we delete a  posting run?

Yes. It can be reversed before the Bank transfer.

What is Symbolic Amount?

Symbolic account is an intermediate account between G/L account and wage types while posting wage type results to FICO. 

How to Map Symbolic Account to G/L Account ?

Below are 2 SAP transactions used to map symbolic accounts to different  General Ledger Accounts.



How to delete delete Payroll Results?

Use transaction PU01 to delete the lastest payroll result for an employee provided payroll has not been posted to GL account.

How  the payroll results of employees are transferred to  SAP FICO module?

SAP HCM is basically Integrated with FICO through the Cost Center , GL account , Vendor Account etc. For integration link the symbolic accounts(from HR)  to GL accounts. Symbolic accounts are the point of integration between FI and HR.

Symbolic accounts  forms the link between the wage types in payroll and G/L accounts.

Every wage type  have to assign the Symbolic account. The symbolic account will decide to which type of account (Expense Account, Balance sheet Account, Customer, Vendor) the postings will made in Finance. 

 a.Run the Payroll
  b.Creating the Data Medium Exchange (DME) for payments
  c.Posting to Financial Accounting
  d.Posting Third-Party Remittance.