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How to create payroll area?

How to create payroll area?

IMG Path for Creation of Payroll Area:

IMG->Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Organizational Data -> Organizational Assignment->
Do below 3 steps to create a payroll area.

1.Create Payroll area (for text)
2.Create Payroll area
3.Check Default Payroll Area (To maintain feature ABKRS).

Payroll Area is used to group employees whose payroll is run with same frequency and same payment date.Employees from different employee subgroups can be  belong to the same payroll area. We can use feature ABKRS to set default payroll area value based on enterprise structure  and personnel structure.

Payroll area_Salaried Employees:-For  group of employees  payroll run monthly  and pay date is 05 th of each month.

Payroll area_Weekly:-For group of employees  payroll run Weekly and payment  date is firday of each week.